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Heather removing snake          She doesn't kill them, just relocates

Heather Likes Snakes and Justin Boots  - Ramirez Rattlesnake

She doesn't kill them, just moves them to better habitat in sunny California

Diamondback in Blue Bonnets

Rattlesnake in the BlueBonnets

Cari from Alabama

Cari  at the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo (in Alabama)

Mating Copperheads

Mating Copperheads - Photo courtesy of L. Kingman

Snake boots on a pretty lady

Chippewa L23913

Big Bullsnake

Scolding a very mean bullsnake for being in rattlesnake country

Mad Rattlesnake

Very mad Rattlesnake

Dendroaspis - Mambas        Atheris - African Bush Vipers       Trimeresurus - Bamboo Pit Vipers

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